Senin, 06 Juni 2016


Afternoon Tea, Visited A Chief Coordinator of English Education Program’s Life

Lecturer is one of the essential components in the system of higher education in Indonesia. Roles, duties and responsibilities of faculty is very important in realizing the goal of national education, educating the nation, and improving the quality of human resources in Indonesia. In addition, a woman lecturer has double duties in a campus and home. To take care of student and family.

At friday afternoon, we interviewed Mrs Tuti Purwati as a chief coordinator of English education program in Humanities Faculty, Jenderal Soedirman, Purwokerto. Actually English Education Program is new major in Humanities Faculty. She is also my  Business English’s lecture in class. She told us it’s the challenge for lecturers to get the major in a high accreditation. They are preparing for the accreditation.  “We hope this major can get B accreditation, even it’s still new, like Indonesia Education Program”. Initially, the duty of Chief Coordinator is academics, lecture schedule, textbook, in management level more. Because of it’s new major in this faculty, they have got problem about room. We have to borrow mandarin program’s room for making some duties. But, we will make them absolutely ready to face in direct field, teacher’s world with good attitude.

In addition to being a chief coordinator of english education program, and a lecturer, she is also a housewife. She takes care of her husband and children. At the first we interviewed her, we knew that she is religious person. Why? Because she puts more religion more to her children. She also take some discussion with her husband how to take them care. For example, she teaches her children to pray five times a day. Then she should practice it before and show them. Then they followed her. She told us to make them do what we want, we have to practice it before to make they understand. There was incredible happened. When her little daughter was five years old, she successfully completed fasting a month. Then she gave something as a reward. For example her daughter wants a bag in the store, so she bought it as a reward.

Senin, 23 Mei 2016


TITLE                                        :  Laskar Pelangi
AUTHOR                                  :  Andrea Hirata
FIRST COPY RIGHT DATE    : Production on juli 2007

Laskar pelangi is  a novel which adoption from story about ten resident of a country from Bangka Belitung. This novel is story about memorial time of children. This adventure beginning when they become student in elementary school Muhammadiyah. This elementary school is only one school in their village. 
Their school is very poor than school PN TIMAH in Bangka Belitung. PN TIMAH is school special to children from rich family. And school Muhammadiyah just ten student , but in school PN TIMAH have many children there.
The story of “Laskar Pelangi” begins from the life of a boy named Ikal who start school with had to wait ten children who want to attend school. Anxiously, Ikal, Sahara, Trapani, Kucai, Syahdan, Mahar, Lintang, Borek, A Kiong, Bu Mus, Pak Harfan and their parents waited to see if there is one more person who wants to go to school in SD Muhammadiyah. Because SD Muhammmadiyah will be finished if only have students less than ten students.
 They waited so long. Finally, a man fifteen years old witty and somewhat developmentally disable his ninth save SD Muhammadiyah. Ikal and his friends are very happy. They were finally able to go to school in SD Muhammadiyah to achieve dream and goals with their friends in Belitong. 
 They like the rainbow. For them  rainbow is a natural painting, and the art from God given for us, Its amazing. They  don’t know which one of them  first started the hobby, but when the rain season they always wait the rainbow. Because they always wait for saw rainbow.  Then mrs. muslimah given name of their group is the Laskar Pelangi.
     The main characters of  the story are Ikal, smart, brave and willing to learn to realize his dream. Lintang is a very dilligent boy, a genius, brave but he has to drop out from his school because his father was passed away  when he sail in the sea. Bu Mus, woman who is very kind and many other figures.
    This novel has many advice for the readers. Andrea hirata teach us not to give up, if we want to realize our dreams. Beside that, this novel also teach us to be a good friends and help each other. However, I recommended you all to read novel Laskar Pelangi.


Selasa, 19 April 2016



Once upon a time, I lived in a small town in North Sumatra. I have a lot of friends in my home town.  They are Sari,Wita, Dimas,Andi dan Tono.  Since I was child we are always together  in the same school. From that  time on we got close, share lunch, talk and became best friends. Both of them  was a very popular girls at school, they are Sari and Wita .  They were clever and fun, such a busy girls. They are were good students and my classmates also enjoyed with them.
We are had hang out around  together  as often as  I had hang out around with my family. We usually spent our pastime to do something. I  loved them not for a little bit. Sometimes I also talk to them  when I have problems.
When long holidays in Christmas come in, everybody get happiness. I and my friends went to the church in  the night of the Christmas. then we had dinner together. After finished,we go home and make a small  party for fun. 
Andi sat next to me. we tried sharing some story and we laughing together and enjoyed the party. Then he whisper and said  “ I want to be your boyfriend, I love you more than friends and I serious to say that.“ What! Are you joking?”  I  said.“ What mistake did I make? I just like to be your boyfriend. That’s it. Is there anything wrong with that?” he responded. “Why are asking me? What happen to this all? I said. Then he continued “I say ‘I LOVE YOU’ but you don’t have a heart to accept my love.” after it was happened I can say anything to him. Over the night I was thinking about the thing he said and  I couldn’t sleep.
 On  next day in the morning, I  look my  phone there is message from him. He asked me again about it. My mind thinking more, “why it should happen for me? This is the second time was happened. I just want be best friend for them, it’s enough.” But finally  I accept him. Well maybe not like this but I knew I could fall if I let myself. The  days be filled with love, joy, growth, inspiration, and meaningful in Christmas season.
            Inspite of this, things changed. We had been together for 12 years. But in 2014  I was moving.  Moving far away from him. It’s  like a new world I’m getting my self into. my profoundness love for him is still there and I don’t want to leave him. We agreed to call each other, send letters if we have time. Except that, it that wouldn’t be the same, it wouldn’t be like old times. We wouldn’t see each other except in pictures, we couldn’t do anything together now. We couldn’t  be there for each other, all the time anymore.
One year had passed and still no sign of him. I tried calling his cell but there is no answering. I was so worried and sad  that he forgot  about me. I just couldn’t forget the fact that I love him. My tears started falling. I tried to get over him. I really tried then I can move on and forget all about the memories. I started focus to my dreams.

After my final test done , I choose come back to my hometown. I can’t patient waiting for until  the day of the departure came. I was happy when I got a chance to see my family directly, I miss them very much.
A few day later, he came to my house without noticed me first. He  started to talk as if  he  don’t know anything. “Try to analyze yourself and then get back to me, if you really want to know the true reason.” He  responded with a serious look.
He said “It's funny how someone can be my best friend one moment and the love of my life the next. You are my friends and you gave me so much more. I can't thank you enough for all that you've given me. You gave me a place that I can call home. A friend forever and  a lover for life.”
 I asked him “Then why you’re hurting me like this? I’ve never seen a person to hurt whom they love.” He continued, “Do you know what the problem is?? It only took a day to fall in love with you. Actually it took much less. I fell for you in an instant. The moment came and passed but the feeling I felt when I fell for you remains and will remain forever.” My boyfriend  found out about it, and made promised to never do it again. 
I never said a word about my feelings as with time the fear  inside increased.  I can’t accept him again like the first time. Althought I love him but I told him that he would stay a friend forever in my heart. I don’t want lost our friendship. Maybe I wouldn’t have been left with these memories I could treasure the whole life. I let him go to keep his memories treasured forever not only in my heart but in his too without spoiling even a bit.

we often lose our love to our fear but there’s something a way too important that we have gained all through which we can treasure forever without regretting.